Singapore's Super Tree and Man Made Forest

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

One of Singapore's top attractions are  in Gardens by the Bay.  Rance and I visited the super tree in Gardens by the Bay during the day and at night. It was really cool seeing this tree alive after watching
all the documentary on Youtube  building this massive tree that gathers  carbon -free and renewable energy from the sun. At night, it is a better view because they have a light show. They call it Garden Rhapsody. The super groove trees lights up in colors while dancing with harmony every time the song plays.
It was a bummer that Rance and I couldn't see the show. We were stuck in another city of Singapore and by the time we wanted to, it was time for us to go to the airport hotel and packed for our flight home. I thought I would never see the trees again light up at night but at the very last second, Rance and I took the risk.  It was 12am and we took the last train ride from the Airport back to the city to see one last time of the Super Tree.  We were so glad we made the last minute decison because it was such an awesome experience. I felt like in the AVATAR movies! it was so mesmerizing  and beautiful. 

Night view 

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Cloud Forrest Dome

A few blocks from the Super Trees in Gardens by the Bay are the Domes. There are two parts of this massive indoor activity. One is the Flower Dome and Second is the Cloud Forrest Dome.  There is a fee in getting in to one of these. (Click here).
We choose the Cloud Forrest Dome because we wanted to experienced something that was different. The flower Dome sort of remind us of Bellagio Gardens after doing some research about it. (we could be wrong, but that's just how we felt)
Walking in to forrest Dome was the best feeling. Although it is a manmade forest, everything felt surreal like your in the actual jungle. The air felt so clean and fresh,  the surroundings are so organic and unspoiled. It made me wonder if humans, buildings, or pollution never existed, this is probably how the surroundings in the forrest feels.

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