Coolest Ice bar experience

Friday, October 02, 2015

 The ICE BAR is one of those coolest experience  based on an article from buzz feed  Top 19 bars you must visit before you die. I must say, it is one unforgetable experience.
The bar we visited to is in Las Vegas Monte Carlo Hotel. They prep you with Parka fitting and gloves. Then you enter into a room of ICE. The place is -5 F.  It was cold! 5 minutes in that room and you are shivering while stuterring through words as you speak.  We got exotic cocktail drinks serve with cool glasses made entirely of ICE. As you sip on the glass, it will also slowly melt in. 

Cool experiences also comes in a high price and this is one of them. The experience fee for one person starts at minimum $19 and this does not come in with a drink. If you are feeling super cool, a VIP experience is a great choice that comes with fashionable  Faux Fur coat. (Click here for more info).  

 Having cell phones in cold weather like this can cause your phones sluggish, battery problems or up to causing damage.  (click here for explanation) Any electronic devices were not permitted. (too bad we could have taken more photos). They have assigned photographers that goes around the room and take your photos. Then you have the option to buy it for $20 each. 

You can stay as long as you want but with this cold, 1/2 hour was our max time and within that hour it was an awesome experience. 

 Ice bar images from google 

 Special thanks to Jay-Ar who paid for all the photos! 

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