Zion National Park

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Utah is such a beautiful state. While I was particularly in Zion National Park, I had to pinched myself if I was dreaming or not. Nature is truly the best beauty anyone could ever experience. Rance and I

have been to so many places and have seen beauty that's been built by human beings but after seeing this amazing place, nothing beats it's natural beauty that's been there since any living thing existed.  From rock formations, lush green forrest, and to wild life, Zion National Park is a world in itself that leaves you breathless. A place that makes you appreciate the beauty of this world.


Take the scenic drive to Zion National Park
Hiking Activities: See a list here
Accommodation: Zion Mountain Ranch for exclusive private cabins
Restaurants: See list here 

Dress: DKNY 
Shoes: Coach
Necklace: Patty's Closet
Crossbody: Tory Burch 

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