Sentosa Island

Wednesday, September 09, 2015


Rance and I had one day to explore this cool little island in Singapore. Sentosa has so many things to do from sightseeing to activities and theme parks, the possibilities are almost endless for one day and is definitely not enough for us to really embrace the beauty, relax and do more fun and cool stuff.  Did you know that Universal studious Singapore is located in Sentosa? Yup! Also, world class resorts like  the Equarius Hotel is an amazing place to stay! If Rance and I ever go back to Singapore again, I will definitely stay at this hotel just for an experience of having the aquarium view. (click here for other photos) 

Rance and I are not the traveler type where we have to see everything and the whole trip is go-go-go. We rather prefer to stick to one place and truly enjoy ourselves rather than  tiring  ourselves. After all,  that's what vacations are for; Enjoying yourself and just relaxing. In Sentosa, we chose to hang out at a beach, and cruise around Merlion Plaza. 

 In Merlion Plaza, there are numbers of things to do from shops, sightseeing, hiking up to the  iconic Merlion stone figure and a few eateries. Photographers  also scorming around taking your photos and printing them out for a fee. They will take your photo just about anywhere in the area. Some also has a bit of entertainment like holding a python or a parrots for the sake of photos. 

Palawan Beach was really cool because there's a bridge that connects to another small island. In that little island, there are wooden towers to relax while cooling off from the Singapore heat.  It is also a great place for any special occasions and a best spot to watch the sunset.

Dress from Bugis Market

Even their beaches has a  lot of activities especially for the kids to enjoy. (click here ) for more list of things to do. 

One of the activities that Rance did was an indoor skydiving. (I fly Singapore). 

Other Attractions around  just before going  to Sentosa Island   
3 ways to get to Sentosa Island

1. Take the tram from Vivo City. This is the easiest and by far less cost effective. $4 one way
2. Another way is taking the cable car. If you are up for a nice treat of spectacular scenery, then taking this route is a must! (watch videos on YouTube here) 
3. Other transportation like the City bus, taxi, and or rental cars. 

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