Travel Diary: Old City of Quebec, Canada

Friday, September 26, 2014

Hello my lovely readers!

Let me take you to the Old City of Quebec, Canada.....

Such a beautiful place that made me feel like I was somewhere in France. To be honest, I haven't been in France nor somewhere Europe. hehe. Someday, I will be there though.

We had a few days to stay at Quebec City and as soon as I step foot in that city, already, I fell in love. The streets and alleys are just like the old European style. I learned from the locals that Quebec was founded by a french explorer and during the years, it was ruled by the British colonies. Today, Quebec is now and still is  a province  of Canada. About 90% of the locals speaks French. I always thought that French words are so sexy and sounds provocative. lol but not so sexy when you can't converse with the employees or trying to tell them your needs like reserving a table for restaurants , finding a facial cleanser that are not too expensive or even the size conversion on clothing. *sigh* Seriously, it was very hard but some stores have an English speaker that can translate for you.

That day, I wore my H&M conscious collection dress that came out in  stores in May 2014.  I paired it with my Coach Duffle because I am always on the go and carrying all my gadgets. Also, I am easily to get cold, so I like to be prepared by bringing a light sweater or jacket. The high low cut of the dress was perfect for warm and sunny weather.  The orange color of the dress also blends in with Quebec's  vibrant streets that's filled with unique decors. Every restaurant, bars, and retail shops has its character that shows a unique entrance. Every direction and every angle was like an Art. The most cutest store entrance I thought was a simple outfit with the cutest puppy as the guard. This puppy never moves and sat on the front door for hours until his owner called him. He was very friendly and also modeled for a quick photo shoot. hehehe

The highlight of the City is the giant castle hotel,  The Chateau Frontenac. It is the most attractive hotel in all of Quebec. Can you imagine living in it? It's like living in Royalty! You can actually reserve a room and book for a night or more. (click here)  Inside  the hotel is very spacious and elegant style. Its a mixture of modern  luxury and a bit of European Vintage.

At night, I got some  sweet treats of gelatos and macaroons that are to die for! I also had a romantic ride with the hubby and BFF in a horse and carriage that rode around the city. It was too bad that all my gadgets (iPhone, go-pro, sony cam) battery died and I wasn't able to take a lot of photos. Ugh!

Until here, I hope you enjoy the video and photos from my trip in Quebec! Thank you so much for reading. If you like... comment below where I should travel next?

Thanks Loves, until next time

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