Secret Island

Friday, September 12, 2014

Hello my loves!

Many of my friends asked me where secret island was located and is it really an island?

Secret Island is a secluded beach run by Kualoa Ranch  It's really cool to spend the day with friends or family and enjoy all the activities and equipments they offer.  I am not really sure why it's called secret island so if you know, comment below.  Here is a map from google so it gives you an idea of the location. 

Our day started once we checked in with Kualoa Ranch tours, they put us on a 5 minute bus ride to a private tropical farms. From there it's where the boat ride begins to a place that's called Secret Island. 

Photo courtesy by google

The boat ride is about 5-7 minutes and is literally right across from the dock. Being that it was my first time on this place, I thought the boat ride was going to be out on the sea but actually was not. I remember asking myself, "That's it? We're here?" lol  hehe. Tho, I did enjoy the picturesque mountain in front of us. 

Once you get there you are brief with the staff for less than 5 minutes and you can simply start whatever the island offers.  They have Kayaking, canoe riding, beach volleyball, standup paddling, badminton, ping pong, hammock and a cool glass bottom boat where they will take you to see turtles or just a nice ride  away from the island to get a better view of Mokoli'i island (China Man's hat). 

Here are my tips if you decide to go there. 

1. Call Kualoa Ranch (click here)  and make your reservation. There are two different times 9am or 12pm. I prefer you take the 9am reservation so you have the full day (until 3pm) to enjoy the place. Otherwise, if you take the 12pm, your time is very limited. 

2. Bring your swim wear, cooler,  towels, beach mats, food and snacks. 

3. Don't forget your camera and Go Pro. :) 

4. Have Fun! 

I hope you guys like this post and if there is anything you need to know. Comment below. Thanks for reading. 


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