Blowhole: Oahu, Hawaii

Monday, September 08, 2014

A week ago, a friend of mine from New York is vacationing in Oahu, Hawaii. Last Year, when she was on the island, we didn't really have a lot of time re-connecting due to our busy schedule. This year, I was prepared and pretty much for the three straight days, we were out and about like tourist. 

One of the days was driving down to Blowhole and enjoyed some scenery. On the scenic point, there is a trail that you can easily go down and enjoy the beach. The view down there is as spectacular than the one on the top.

A hidden treasure is also located which is a cave that you can walk down all the way to the other side. You can see the light up a head. I personally never tried walking all the way to the other side. I am afraid of the darkness and anything that crawls up on my skin. hehe :) 

Later, we ended the night with some dinner at the Kona Brewery Restaurant in Hawaii Kai. Outside there is a docking area for all the Yacts and fishing boats. Some of them are tour boats to do water sports such as Jetski, parasailing and etc. 

Dress: Forever 21
Bag: Coach 

Thanks for reading! Until next time.

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