Zip lining with the bears in Alaska

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A once in a lifetime experience where you get to zip line not just to enjoy the nature around you and the adrenaline of it but to actually spot a bear while experiencing a 4 x 4 mountain climb in a unimog. The zip lines are over 600ft long and about 135 feet above the forrest floor with breathtaking views. (click here for history) This was our first zip lining experience and the staff at Alaska Canopy adventures  are so knowledgable and very friendly. They really make you feel comfortable and ensure that your safety is their priority. At the end,  I felt like a pro especially they reward you with a medal for completing the course. how cool! something to cherished the experience forever!  We roam around Ketchikan; a sweet little town full of vibrant color buildings, restaurant and shops. I bought some eskimos magnet to slap on  our refrigerator  and hubby surprised me with this sterling silver opal necklace from this cute little boutique. My hubby and I enjoyed this little place of gem while staying in Alaska. Not to forget the bears we spotted and their  little cubs! I thought the unimog was going to tip over with everyone leaning on one side trying to take a picture of the bears. We got lucky, we had a better view than everyone else. 

 Thank you

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