Traveling Buddy

Monday, February 02, 2015


My twinzie and I have known him since our  intermediate days. Since then, he has been a part of our life from ups and down, good or bad.  Jay-Ar, the kindest and unselfish person you will ever meet. He always put his family first before others and always so generous when around with friends. One thing for sure, he is a great listener and you can pretty much tell him anything until your mouth gets tired and your jaw drop from talking, there is not one moment he is not interested. 

He is a great buddy and a companion to travel with. He will do whatever is in your agenda but twist it with his YOLO motto. Jay-Ar has always believe in "life is too short, do it now." It's always fun and adventurous with him and always leaves me a good laugh. 

Through our travels, I have learned more that true friendship are rare to find. Your friends will come and go but there's always that one friend that will stick with you through the end. And that friend is worth your time, your investment, worth your moments to cherished. 

I am so excited to more of our adventures this 2015

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