Pali Puka Hike

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The hike to Pali Puka left us with memories crabbing up and down on the mountains and maintaining our knees from trembling on a narrow pathway of the mountain ridge.  Though some will say it's a piece of cake kinda hike, I say it definitely is not for beginners. Not to mention wind blows from at least over 60mph depending on the day. Overall, it is a beautiful hike and a daring adventure for those who are afraid of heights.  The view from atop gives you a panoramic view of Oahu's windward side with sweeping views of Kaneohe bay and Kailua.  Then a hidden hole just below the ridge at the end was a very nice surprise. So much history from this place that made you appreciate it even more. The battle of Nu'uanu was fought along this ridge. Also, one of the bloodiest battles in Hawaiian History conquered by King Kamehameha I. (goosebumps)  As I gazed at the mountains and the clouds came down and touched the ridge, one verse came to mind. "If you can have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can move mountains." --Mathew 17:20. And so... I had faith that I will not fall while I sat on the edge of this Pali mountain.  hehe.. lol j/k

Thanks to my hiking buddies for a great time


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