Wahiawa Botanical Garden

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I started driving with my bff with no place in mind. We asked ourselves, "what city are we not familiar with?" Wahiawa, he said. The next thing we knew, Wahiawa was the next exit on the freeway and I remembered passing by a botanical garden just right next to the high school when I was on a hunt for cherry blossoms this past spring. 

To my surprise, this place turned out to be a beautiful venue for a quality time with family and a great photo shoot for any occasion. There were so much to discover in this place. We haven't even explore everything because it was near closing. 

We walked around following the pathway but there were also trails that leads to the deeper lush forrest of the garden. We wanted to explore more towards there but I didn't have the right shoes walking through unpaved rocky trail.  :(  It is a really nice quite place and sometimes you can hear the birds chirping sound in harmony.  If you ever visit this place, I recommend bringing a mosquito repellant. Bugs are everywhere and the more you make movements the less they bother you. 

Later on that afternoon, we headed to Haleiwa town and ate at  Macky's famous shrimp truck and watched the North Shore sunset. 

Top: boutique from Canada
Bag: Coach
Shoes: Guess 


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