Monday, February 09, 2015

I have never met anyone that was so into Yoga until I met Rowena. I have known of Rowena for a long time since 2003, when my sister, cousin and I spent a week at her house in Washington. She is the sister in law of a really good friend of mine, Christian. Since then, we never got in touch until Instagram was invented. Seeing her  Yoga progress through social media was such an inspiration. Her determination, hard work and self-discipline to do once a day has made her the person she is today. She has great flexibility, strength and awesome posture and balance. 
I had the pleasure of spending time with her for one day and seeing her poses makes me want to do Yoga. hehe. I am so proud of her success winning the biggest challenge and receiving a scholarship for Yoga teaching in Mexico. 

I hope she comes back to Hawaii someday teaching and owning her studio. 


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