Hopeful thoughts for cherry blossom

Thursday, February 20, 2014

So a customer told me that there were Cherry Blossoms at California Ave in Wahiawa. I looked and drove from start to finish of  that road and found a couple of trees just right in front of Leilehua Highschool. So excited, I expected it to be this grand blossom of pink filled the trees and lined up in rows like how I see it advertised during cherry blossom festivals. Well, it didn't turned out that way. I thought I was able to at least pick one flower up, touch it and smell it but well, it also did not turned out that way. But one thing I know for sure that this is not the end of it!

Cherry Blossoms fully bloom between March- April, depending on weather conditions. Sometimes the flowers last two weeks or less before they fall off. So, although it did not turned out the way I was hoping it to be, let's hope that when March or April comes it will be the best sight experience. 

Here is my outfit details and a small cherry blossom behind me

Can you see the flower? It's slowly blooming. 

                                                              Top: Charlotte Russe 
                                                             Skirt: American Eagle 
                                                              Bracelet: Charlotte Russe 
                                                             Flats: Bandolino 



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