Hawaii fashion month day one

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hawaii fashion month is here!
I was so excited that hawaii is finally doing  something about the fashion in hawaii. They have dedicated a whole month calendar of fashion events in oahu to promote all aspects of hawaii's fashion industry. 

My first experience at the Outfit: hawaii fashion designers market was pretty cool! I have always dreamed of being in the NY fashion week, attend all these fashion shows, and being able to see collections that are coming up for next seasons. Seeing it from the medias and googling what the experience looks like, feels like, it's almost that I have experienced it at the Outfit: designers market. It feels like our own NY fashion week but its in Hawaii! (Of course, I wouldn't know what NYfashion week looks like, feels like! Duh!) lol. But being able to attend to these events is still pretty awesome! And it only is awesome if you are into fashion! 😊😊

Here is what I wore today

Cutout blouse: hot and delicious 
From: www.shopconnielane.com

Skirt: forever21

Shoes: www.amiclubwear.com 

Have a great day! 

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