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Monday, August 17, 2015

Singapore is well known for their shopping. Seriously is like every mile or two there is a shopping mall or market. Theres way too many shops to choose , from non branded items, street fashion to high end brands. The shopping is endless!  Not to mention a 24 hour shopping center is also available.  Here are some of the shopping places that Rance and I  visited..

Haji Lane is one of the top on the list based on CNN news. It's a street in Little India filled with unique boutique shops. Their front door entrance  are  pretty attractive that makes you want to just visit each store. In this lane, there was a selfie coffee. Yes!  a picture in your coffee. How cool! I pretty much enjoyed this little gem because having to drink something with your picture in it was quite fun while watching your face gets distorted as you drink your coffee. On top of that,  they have a rack of clothing items for S$10. So shopping and having coffee at the same time seems to be a good combination.

Hat: Bebe
Shoes: Gap
Bag: Coach 

One of the vibrants streets in Singapore is little India. Also one of top list of best  shopping in Singapore. It's a  little town filled with Indian heritage and culture. There's also a lot of shopping with all Indian souvenirs, clothing and accessories. Best part? they have very unique fabric stores full of different types from silk, cotton wool and everything fabric. Another store I thought was cool was that they can make you a Sari (women dress) with whatever fabric you pick out.  Singapore souvenirs are cheaper here than the ones found in the malls or other markets.

From affordable fashion to high end brands, Singapore got it all. What I really enjoyed while shopping in Singapore was Bugis Junction. It's a three story shopping district full of everything you need from apparel, accessories, technologies, household items, souvenirs and everything you could possibly think of. A lot of the shops are individually own by owners so prices are different and negotiable. Most clothing items are S$10  (Singapore dollars) and above. The downfall is that most women clothing are one size. Also they don't have fitting rooms, so trying it on is not aloud. There are so much to choose from and it can get very overwhelming with decisions whether to buy it or not. Well at least it is not Hong Kong where most markets pressures you to buy it and aggressively negotiates with you. Singapore is not like that and the people are much more service oriented to your needs. (In my experienced at least). 

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