Hong Kong streets, buildings and markets

Sunday, July 05, 2015


Hong Kong is one of the world's highest dense housing and cramped living conditions.   There are about 7 million residents and about over 50 million visitors each year in a land that is 1,068 square kilometers - 412 square miles.  (The island of Oahu is bigger than Hong Kong with only over 2 million population). Holy cow! Last year 2014, Hong Kong had +60 million visitors which was a 12% increase from 2013. That is a lot of people!  No wonder, Hong Kong  is always busy and bustling crowd in every corner.  With this many people, to my surprise, Hong Kong is also rated the top 10 safest city in the world and I can guarantee it with my experienced! 


Sometimes, we walked Hong Kong streets very late at night. Our hotel was located in Kowloon which are less of the tourist areas. Every day, we walked at least less than a mile to get to the train station. One of the days that we threw our plan out and just explore the city,  Rance and I found a Jujitsu place. Rance was very interested in experiencing their way of practice so we went and look for it located in Prince Edward area. I must say that it was very eearie. The buildings are really run down and the area has a lot of men. Looking around, it was a place where most industrial cars and motors get fixed. Believe me, I did not see any women out on the streets.  
Of course safety was always our  priority, so we were walking the street with extra caution.  But after about a few blocks towards the destination, we started to be at ease. No one there seem to bother you. As a matter of fact some are very helpful when we asked one gentlemen for directions. This I knew, that Hong Kong was safe. to validate that, even locals can tell you that you have nothing to worry.  

Men playing cards as we walked by looking for the Jujitsu place. 

Shopping in Hong Kong is major and if  you plan on going there to shop, I highly suggest you bring an empty suitcase. Almost every corner has some kind of stores and popular areas has the major mega malls. I thought the malls was a bit too american for me and most brands I can get it back home so I focused my shopping by visiting markets. There are tons of markets in Hong Kong (Click here) for the list. We also visited night markets. The one I enjoyed the most was the ladies market because it has a lot of my desires. :) Clothes, shoes, bags and everything in between. Hong Kong is also very popular in imitation goods. Tho, I feel guilty for buying an imitation brand but sometimes you can't help it because some designs are literally almost the real ones. (I have to warn you that buying these goods are illegal in America, so be aware that customs might take it away). 

Haggling part was hard but it was fun. I am not much of a bargaining type of person. When I see something I really like, I tend to just get it no matter what the price. 

Two things I learned to haggle: 
1. Set your price and walked away if the don't accept it. Within seconds, they will be calling you back and willing to take your price. 

2. Show them your money. The exact money you are willing to pay. Warning: this trick needs to be in reason. Otherwise, if your offer is unbelievably low, they can be very rude to you and its not really a good feeling. They will push you out. They don't even want you touching any of their products. Sometimes, they will yell at you. 

3. I witnessed a lady tried this method and I thought it was pretty funny. She was interested in some kind of digital holding fan. The ones you take with you and fan yourself when your hot and sweaty. Heres how it went... dollars are in Hong Kong. $100 was equivalent to $14 U.S
Lady: How much for this?
Vendor: $100
Lady: too high, how about $50
vendor: ok good enough. 
Lady grabs her money and said, "oh never mind, I change my mind.
Vendor: Ok how about $40
Lady: Ok I'll get it. 

And.. the deal was done. 

Trying to find an English vitamin C. but most are in Chinese. I suggest you bring your own medication in case you get sick or food poisoning. 

Photo booth section in the entire floor. 

 Hong Kong Ju jitsu 


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