Rustic Theme Wedding

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Awh.. Weddings! This time, I had a pleasure of witnessing the love of Christopher and Prizella. Such an awesome wedding, I cannot even begin where to start. Normally, I am the one behind the scenes
making sure everything is going well as planned. My mind goes sparatic and everything I sees is a question to myself. Like for example, centerpieces, cake, programs, vendors, entertainments. "are they all here and set up? oh and the bride, does she look happy and calm?" lol.  that's what every wedding coordinator goes through but sometimes worst.

This time.. I was in front of the scene. I sat, I ate, drank and simply enjoyed the blissful joyous event that has to offer. Oh and the most unforgettable moment was the father and daughter dance. It was so emotional that I literally teared. The fact that I have known Prizella since she was before  her teens and watched her finally go on her own way was kind of heartbreaking but in a most incredible way. *sigh*

One thing I love the most about weddings  are the details. From decors to dresses, entertainment, to music, everything plays an important role to make the guest remembered it and cherished for a long time. I also like how every detail has an inspiration and story behind it like how the father of the bride   hand-picked pine cones in the forrest of San Diego and sew  a tulle skirts for the flower girls. How amazing! I can tell there was a lot of effort and love that put into this. A father's love like no other on earth. 

A Rustic theme came to mind when I saw tin cans and mason jars. Romantic lace and burlap from an old rice sac many years ago was so amazingly vintage! Bicycle print  and bicycle bells for a kiss was a highlight of their journey  before tying the knot! How charming! :) Every detail was so perfect from music to the very funny  entertaining MC. Even her bridesmaid was part of the entertainment singing love songs and praises to God. Everyone in the room was moved by the love and spirit. Love was truly in the air especially with God in it. 

So amazing that both has a great support from family and friends that truly made their dreams and inspirations comes to life. With a lot of hard work and stressful night that was put into this event, it truly did paid off! Congratulations again to Prizellah and Christopher Lamarca. Thank you for having me in your beautiful wedding. 

Fashion OOTD

Dress: bebe
Shoes: JustFab 

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