April Photo Projects: Signs

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

During the month of April 2012, a co-worker of mine (Jeffrey Manmanno) thought of a brilliant idea. He said, he wanted to have a weekly photo challenge, where Daniel Ventura (another co-worker of mine) and I will post photos every week based on assigned themes. At first I was hesitant. A photo challenge!!!! Who's going to judge? Besides, I have a Nikon D3000, I don't think my camera can compete with  cannons! Especially when I only own a kit lense and 50-300 mm zoom lense. On top of that, my camera is only limited to 1600 ISO. So... night shots? Forget it! Seriously, knowing all the gadgets they own, I think I am going to loose. What convinced me to join was when Jeffrey told me that I don't have to use my camera because he will be mostly using his Evo 4G cell phone to take pictures. I thought, Great! I am in! From then on, Jeffrey, Daniel and I has been taking photos everywhere and shared them on Facebook

First project
April Week 1:  signs

This object is a Japanese lantern. I was admiring the characters and I thought it would be great for the photo challenge. I wasn't so pleased with the results when I took the whole view of the object. As I look into the lantern more and more, I noticed that the inside was pretty cool. So I decided to get this view and just added a silk flower to cover the bulb.

Jeffrey Manmanno's "Sign" photos

Jeffrey posted this photo during Easter week. I thought that was cool timing. Easter + Cross!= sign of God. Pretty neat and creative!

Another creative photo. A frame in a frame. Super Unique!

Daniel Ventura "sign" photos
All these photos were taken from his I-phone

Lucky Cats: Chinese lunch bag

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