Million Dollar homes in Ewa Beach, HI

Monday, May 28, 2012

Since there isn't much things to do around this island of Hawaii and pretty much did all the tourist  activities, my husband and I decided to look at Million Dollar  model homes in Ewa Beach. The area we visited is located on the west side of the island. It is still under  development and sometime in the year of 2020 it will probably be fully completed with tourist attractions, hotels, lagoon, and golf courses. But first, as a fashion blogger... here was my outfit on that day.
TOP: Bebe

Shoes: Charlotte Russe

Accessories: bracelet from Gap
earings: Jeans Warehouse
Belt: Jeans Warehouse

The Home
These homes range from $999,999-$1,200,000 million dollars. This is why Hawaii cost of living are so expensive.

View from Outside. A three car garage

The bedrooms

 The living rooms and Kitchens

The deatils of this model homes

Details are so important. It's what makes this home sell. Without it, you are just looking at an empty space, unsure if the price is worth it. The details brings the home to life.  It has characters  that it will inspire us to dream what we want our homes to be.

Looking at these homes makes me realized how hard you have to work to earn all these. Then it makes me wonder why Hawaii are so expensive. I  found this website that answers pretty much what I needed to know. It was quite interesting .

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