The Only 10 things to do in Omaha, Nebraska

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Omaha is a growing city and home to famous investor Warren Buffet.  We traveled this place to visit Creighton University for Rance's medical school interview. During winter time, there wasn't a lot of activities to do because some business were either close or do not have all the attractions as suppose in spring or summer. But, we made the most of it and did quite a bit for a city that you can explore for a day or two. Here are the top 10 things you can make most of your Omaha visit.

1. Henry Doorly Zoo
The zoo holds the largest indoor desert dome and largest indoor rainforest in the world. This zoo was also ranked the number one in the United States as of 2014  following San Diego Zoo.  Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium holds over 17,000 animals and 972 species. wow! that's a lot. It has more of animal population than in my city! There are lots of things to do in the zoo other than exploring exhibits and animal encounters. There's an IMAX theater, a train ride, sky safari, camel rides and more. You will need a whole day to visit this massive place. Visit Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium here. 

 2. The Old Market
The Old Market is Omaha's most historic sites. Being in this place brings you back to the 1900's. The streets and buildings are made of brick stones but a very few are modernized. There are lots and lots of restaurants in every corner. As a matter of fact, Omaha was rank the highest food services (restaurants and bars) per capita. My favorite place was strolling in the underground passage.  It's totally worth going there to take some selfies with the hanging gardens, foliage, and lights. 

3. Eat an Omaha steak 
You cannot leave Omaha without eating an Omaha Steak. There are lots of restaurants that offer it and some had the best steak grade in the industry. If you are a steak lover, then definitely visit one of Omaha's finest; Drover, 801 chops, Spencers for Steak and Chops. 

4. Stroll the Bob Kerry pedestrian bridge
The bridge opened up in September 2008. It was named after Senator Bob Kerry who secured a federal funding for the bridge in 2000. This bridge has a nice view of the Missouri River and the best part is that when you reached the end, you are in another state; Iowa. 

5. Visit Joslyn Art Museum 
One of the free things to do in Omaha is visiting a museum while admiring the beautiful legacy of top artist.  This museum holds the collection of arts in the 19th and 20th centuries of the American and European Artist. 

6. Visit Joslyn Castle 
 This mansion was home to Gorge and Sarah Joslyn in 1903. Gorge was a rich man and made his fortune in the ready-print news business. The Joslyn family had contributed a lot to the Omaha city like the museum above (5) as a gift to the people. 

7. Lauritzen Botanical Garden 
If gardening is your thing, then this Garden is a must visit. I love being able to touch and feel nature but when the weather in Omaha is pretty brutal and all you see is snow and ice everywhere, the garden was a sweet escape. 

8. Eat Home Made Ice cream at Ted and Wally's 
Who doesn't love ice cream? even in snowy weather, Ice cream is always best. Ted and Wally offers the best homemade Ice Cream in Omaha. This place gets pretty busy and usually open late during winter. 

9. Stroll around Gene Leahy Mall 
This place is locally known as the Central Park. It's a nice stroll to admire the buildings, feed the ducks in the river and squirrels roaming around the area. There is also a huge slide perfect for everyone to have fun. 

10. Feed the Raccoons at Alphine Inn 
Alphine Inn is a casual bar and restaurant that serves fried chicken and fries. The workers keep the chicken scraps that you eat and feed it to the raccoons and cats outside. In the restaurant, there is a glass window where you can see the raccoons feasting the food. I personally did not experience this because we came in there a bit too early and the server said, the raccoons normally come out late at night. I'ts still pretty cool to see this one day. 

We love Omaha for the amount of restaurants around and the variety of food they offer. We want to go back there to try out all the restaurants. 
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