Unspoiled beauty and historic attractions along Route 99 Hawaii

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ever heard of Route 66, the most famous road in America? Well, in Hawaii, we have Route 99 and also known as the Kamehameha highway. Along the way, there is a Route 99 Hawaii  shop  (name after this route)  
that offers locally made  unique embroidered designs such as caps and shirts that resembles the Hawaiian lifestyle.

Charlie, co owner of the Route 99 Hawaii has put together a field trip to check out some cool point of interest that is located on this map. Some of these places are off the beaten path and unspoiled beauty.   The map  below creates a guide for tourist and locals as they cruise along the route to the North Shore. 

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There are 3 locations that we highlighted on our field trip.  It was such an incredible experience as I have never seen some of this places before since living in Hawaii for 20 years! 

Our first tour starts at Tropic Lighting Museum where they house some artifacts and memorabilia history of Schoolfield Baracks the 25th Infantry Division and Wheeler Army Airfield. Click here for more info and times to visit. 

If driving.. make sure you have all the current paper work for your car.  The Army will check your car prior to entering School Field Barracks. 
Everyone including passengers must have any form of Identification. 
The Museum is free to enter

 Our Second stop was at Kukaniloko Birthing Stone. (which by the way has not yet  shown on the map). It is one of the sacred places in Hawaii.  During the Ancient times, this is the birthing place for the Ali'i (chief, managers of people and land)  Click here for an inspiring story and culture.

Charlie took us to this amazing Thai food truck for a  lunch Break at the Wailua town. 

Last stop at the Waialua Sugar Mill.  We visited two stores; Waialua Coffee  and North Shore Soap Factory also known as Hawaiian Bath and Body. 

Be part of the Mission: 

Route 99 is reaching out to 99 countries who will represent any of the Route 99 hawaii gear. If you are a traveler, contact Charlie to be part of the mission. The goal is to reach 99 countries at the end of 2015. If this goal is reached, Route 99 Hawaii is donating to a recognized non-profit organizations. So far, Route 99 Hawaii has reached 89 countries. 10 more to go! support now and be part of the mission.

Follow Route 99 Hawaii for more updates and fresh unique designs in apparel and etc.

Caps and shirts: Route 99 Hawaii
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Skirt: Bebe
Shoes: Charlotte Russe 

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