Cowgirl in the field

Thursday, July 18, 2013

I've waited months for the sunflower to bloom and finally it did!!! It was a trouble trying to get a picture of sunflowers. A few months ago, they were at Kamehameha hwy going towards north shore, but since they took that down, I thought I would never get a chance to experience sunflowers in the fields. Thankfully a co worker of mine had found the last patch in Waialua just right behind the high school in a private property. Check out their awesome video at

Because it was a private property, we did get  a bit of trouble. Some worker kicked us out but he was really nice and waited for us just a couple more shots to take. I wish Rance and I had more time though, I did not get a lot of good landscape shots of the field. But hopefully next year again will be better. Overall, I was happy to see Sunflower for once in the field and not in the flower shops. 

Cowgirl in the field

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