Sunday, August 05, 2012

Gallivanting with my hunny, we started off having lunch at P.F Chang at Ward Center honolulu. Right outside of the building there is a large horse statue. Very attractive and yet very different atmosphere from any other restaurant that we have been to. We enjoyed taking photos just before going inside the restaurant.

Dress: Charlotte Russe
Bag: 2b bebe
Belt: Bebe


Across P.F chang is T.J Max that just opened a couple of months ago. It's a two story store, but mainly the shopping happened upstairs. There were two entrances. One is taking the stairs that consist of more than 40 steps. The other was the elevator that wa on the other side of the entrance. Overall, I love the T.J Max store! I was able to find cool stuff.

The horse outside P.F.Chang

The building above P.F.Chang

Our Lounging area for Lunch. Great place to have private parties.

Lounging area at T.J. Max

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