Inspired modern mexican dress

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The photo above shows how relatively close this dress to my modern style mexican dress. The concept and details of the patterns are similar to the ones in my dress. Thanks to for this photo.

I wore this dress during the summer of 2011 for my fiancee and I's engaement photos. I love this inspired modern mexican/bohemian style from bebe. It was their featured top collections from summer of 2009. Yes, I hanged on to this dress until it finally gave up on me when I accidentally stained on it while having dinner in town. :(

 Belt: bebe

Hat: bebe

I was trying to pet the cat but it got away when the camera flashed.

DIY wedge sandal: Soda
I found a good amount of lenght of ribbons lying around my house. So I decided to use it  to make this sandal  a little interesting by gluing the ends and wrapping it around up to my lower shin. It didn't turned out so bad after all.

Here are some engagement photos that Jenalyn Aguado (photographer) took that day.

Notice my sandal? from wedge to flat? hahhaha lol. Funny story... after strolling the park and walking in distance to another, this sandal has definitely come to an end. It literally broke on me after 5 years  of using it. I thought of keeping it that way but it became so obviously broken and uneven that it was not worth keeping.    

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